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they might be lies.
they might be big, big, fake, fake lies.

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Hey… Hovering Sombrero!


Hey folks! Big news in band land! Danny Weinkauf will shortly be releasing his first solo album for children, called No School Today! He will be lauching a Kickstarter campaign soon that needs YOUR support. Watch this space for more info on that, but in the meantime, share this post, tell your friends, and start spreading the word! YOU are the street team! Danny needs our help to make this thing go! Let’s make it happen!

The Weekly Feed’s Kyle Meredith sits down with TMBG to talk about Nanobots, their album 16. The album finds the two Johns going for some darker lyrical content and allowing themselves a Peter Pan / Oedipus concept (that’s not really true). We discuss both, their cliched rock star life, those learning songs they’re so famous for, and the idea of hidden politics within their music.